What you see here is a system. The WATER WATCH, known as the standard throughout the world in water level control, is rapidly gaining popularity with trade and consumer alike. The WATER WATCH, for pools and spas, with its innovative concept and proficient design is truly a statement within itself.
Defined by years of experience in industrial fabrication and plastics, it's consumer conscious manufacturers have produced by far the most practical water level control system available.

A system not evolved from toilet-type controls, but a device which with its patented, new valve arrangements, defines itself by strictly working in the single application of pool and spa water level control. Its use encompasses and is applicable to new/existing pools, spas and unique aquatic environments, wherever water levels are absolute.

The innovations compiled in the WATER WATCH System have come to a new pinnacle with the introduction of a patented concept of delivering fresh water supply through the vacuum line, making the installation to existing pool systems both time-saving and, yes, child's play!

At a time when water conservation and economics require keeping a watchful eye on water levels, these matters need not demand so much of our time. The resemblance to good sense has just been made obvious with the perfection of the WATER WATCH System.

Water Watch Product Description

The patented WATER WATCH Water Level Control unit has solved the problems previously associated with "toilet-type" level controls with a unique valving technique, a well thought out configuration, and modern high performace materials. This product has been established in the pool and spa industry since 1986.

Additional features of the WATER WATCH level control includes a backup safety valve, a reset valve, and in inlet screen. The backup valve "prevents overflow" in the unlikely event that the primary level control valve should stick open. This gives added assurance that with WATER WATCH the pool or spa will not overflow from the supply line. The reset valve simply allows resetting to normal operation.

The WATER WATCH level control has been designed for easy installation in standard skimmers used with swimming pools. This allows convenient retrofit into existing pools as well as installation into new pools. New pool installation takes 10 minutes in most cases. This saves considerable installation labor costs and headaches, as compared to competitive products.

Our newly U.S. patented method through the pump suction line of the skimmer, then out of the suction line wall to a convenient location where the water can be supplied, is a fast and simple installation of about 20 to 25 minutes without breaking concrete or digging. This pump suction line method is particularly important since it is innovative and provides a hidden water supply to the WATER WATCH in the skimmer, which is out of the way of swimmers and people walking along the deck. To implement this particular feed line method special adapter fittings, and accessories, will allow the feed line to get from the filler valve into the pump suction line and then out of the suction line to the water supply. The accessories will allow the skimmer to function in a normal way with and without pool cleaning devices. These fittings are manufactured by us and includes sufficient hose in our retrofit kits.

Water Watch Trouble Shooting

1.) Bottom float is full of water.
Solution: First try turning the float upside down in a small dish and put in a hot sun-filled window to drain and evaporate the water for a few days. If that doesn't eliminate the water inside the float, try drilling a small hole in the bottom float to drain the water out. Fill hole or glue a hard plastic piece on over hole with ABS to pvc glue. Also use glue on all seams of float to prevent any water leakage into float.
2.) Unit is not on.
Solution: Pull reset button up to "on."
3.) Pool is not filling up fast enough or the WATER WATCH is leaking slightly in the closed position.
Solution: Make sure water pressure is approximately at 35 p.s.i. The unit works between 25-75 p.s.i. If pressure is too high, install a pressure regulator near the fresh water outlet.
4.) For spa use, unit is shut off after bathing.
Solution: This is due to the smaller volume of water, bathers get in and this raises the water level. The WATER WATCH will be fooled into thinking there is an overflow situation. The WATER WATCH will trip out the top safety float. The two possible solutions are to put a spacer on the stem of the reset button to defeat the 2nd float, or to lock out the 2nd float from working by strapping it down or wedging it. This is not a recommendation by our company. You will need to make this decision yourself.
5.) Dirt or leaves are getting into the WATER WATCH unit.
Solution: Install a Polaris or Arneson finger screen and glue to base of the tail below the unit. (Suggested by Bush's Pool Service).
6.) WATER WATCH unit is constantly on and never shuts off.
Solution: Is there a pool leak? If not, check to see if the seals are put in correctly (flat ones need to have smooth sides toward the center, round ones need to be inserted with the o-rings end first).
Check for o-ring damage and put Aqua Lube on or replace if too dry and aged.
7.) WATER WATCH unit is not working properly and inner parts appear to be warped.
Solution: Water temperature was too high and warped the parts. These parts must be replaced with new replacement parts. All parts are available.
8.) Minerals are present in the water and the WATER WATCH is not working properly.
Solution: Flush the screen located behind the water supply fitting every 4-6 weeks.
Flat Shear Seal Maintenance
Remove both flat shear seals. Lay on a true surface like glass or acrylic and sand gently with 400 grit sandpaper, then use 600 grit sandpaper. When reinstalling shear seals, the flat side of shear seal faces the round shear seal.

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