This is how Tahoe Pool and Spa service came to be, and why a family owned and operated company always gives better service. It is a service industry success story that demonstrates how much you can accomplish if you set your sights on a goal and are willing to work hard to achieve it with honesty and  top of the industry professional service.

THE PAKES FAMILY - Rudy, Mary, Kirk and Bonnie, have built a thriving  business in South Lake Tahoe, California.
Rudy and Kirk Pakes, are brothers; Rudy is (president of the corporation), and married to Mary who is (secretary), Kirk who is (vice president), is married to Bonnie the (treasurer).

When Rudy and Mary moved to South Lake Tahoe in 1974, they had no idea that their future lay in the pool and spa industry. They honeymooned at Lake Tahoe and liked the area, but they weren't thinking of settling there. They had a few more places to explore before deciding  where to put down roots.  In Sept.1974 they returned to the mainland and moved to Lake Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe is about 20 miles from Carson City NV and about 40 miles from Reno NV , as the crow fly's., but pool and spa, chemicals are hauled by trucks, not crows , making the real distance 30 miles from Carson City and 60 miles to Reno. This is a significant factor after Tahoe Pool Service was formed. -but were getting ahead of ourselves.

In 1977, Mary was a secretary for the local Chamber of Commerce.  Her boss had a friend who was the owner of a struggling, 30 customer pool service that he was looking to unload.  Rudy and Mary through it over and decided to go for it. They took  over the route in 1976, renamed it Tahoe Pool Service and set out to learn the business.

Mary ran the business full time out of their home while caring for their first child. They scoured the local phone book in search of new customers. The business began to grow. Rudy contacted his brother Kirk to come up and look at the business. By 1979 they were all working full time to devote their skills toward the pool and spa business exclusively.

Meanwhile, their father, Rudy Pakes Senior, had purchased a motel in the area. So the family helped run the motel, even as Tahoe Pool Service continued to grow towards a level of over 200 customers.
By 1986, they were ready to open pool and spa supply, partly to satisfy the chemical and equipment needs of the Lake Tahoe area, and partly to satisfy the specific needs of Tahoe Pool Service, making supplies available locally instead of 60 miles away in Reno.

The Pakes family's entry into the word of manufacturing came about largely because of their devotion to service. In 1985, the company was contacted by a man named Herb Magnes, who had asked around town for the name of the number one pool company in the area and had been told that Tahoe Pool Service was the one. They are celebrating their 34th year inthe pool and spa business, and 21st year as a mnufacturer.

Enter Water Watch , once having launched the product and satisfied with it's early performance in the market place, Herbert Magnes was ready to step out of the picture, and the Pakes family became manufacturers in February, 1989.

Water Watch is an automatic water filling device for pools, spas and fountains. No motor or electricity is required. Water Watch fits invisibly in the skimmer. The water supply line is hidden inside the pool's suction line. No digging is necessary and the entire system installs in most pools in 30 minutes.