Tahoe Pool Service - We keep your spa working at it's best with our standard services.


One time a week
Twice a month
One time a month
On call / 2 times a month.
Please call for rate quote.
The following list below is what our technicians check each time they service your spa.

1. Complete Visual Inspection
     a) Leaks
     b) Spa Damage
     c) Wear & Tear

2. Vacuum spa. All debris removed.

3. Waterline cleaned.

4. Complete Chemical Balance
    a) Ph test to 7.6
    b) Bromine or chlorine test and chemicals refilled in floater.
    c) Calcium / alkalinity test

5. Spa surface cleaned (tile, if any cleaned)

6. Spa cover is cleared of debris and snow. Excessive snow will be removed and billed extra if 
     not done when you are due for service. At owner's request, we can seal protect the cover
     for an extra charge.

7. Spa Draining (on as need basis by our service technician).
    a) Drain Tub
    b) Clean and rinse down the tub.
    c) Refill tub with fresh water.
    d) Chemically balance the fresh water.
    e) Inspect and clean filter cartridge.

8. Sales of all accessories not included in service fee:
    a) Chemicals (unless your service rate includes chemicals).
    b) Filter cartridges.
    c) Covers and tie down straps or cable locks.
    d) Spa Fragrance, thermometers, spa nets etc.
    e) Cable Lock Systems (which are mandatory equipment).
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